The Advantages of Booking Directly with Hotels in Whitby

There has been a proliferation of hotel booking agents and online hotel booking sites. The increased demand for hotel services has revolutionised the industry to meet the ever-rising demand for hotels. Expansion of hotels has led to the establishment of these booking agencies where customers can make reservations without reaching out to the hotel directly. However, some hotel guests prefer the old style method of making direct reservations with hotels as it allows them to enjoy many benefits, unlike going through the agents. Find below the advantages of booking directly with hotels in Whitby.

Reasonable Prices

Hotel booking agencies are known to increase prices for customers. In reality, the agencies are there for business, and you wouldn’t expect them to have the same prices as the hotel’s. Of course, they add something little to the standard cost to sustain their business. On the other hand, direct booking with hotels not only offers you standard prices but also enables you to bargain for a considerable rate. In most of the cases, you will find discounted prices that are a great way to minimise cost.

Loyalty Programs

It is easy to get loyalty offers through direct booking with a hotel. Due to the stiff competition in the hotel market, most businesses are finding tools to keep their customer coming. One of these strategies is by providing various offers to loyal customers. For instance, if you are a frequent customer, a hotel can provide you with free food and drinks immediately you visit their facility.

Special Request

The best thing about dealing directly with your hotel provider is that you get an opportunity to ask for special requests. Sometimes, you may miss a flight, thus, cancelling your trip. As a result, you might be forced to cancel your hotel reservation or agree on specific terms. This can quickly happen when you have booked directly with your hotel. Standard options offered in case of a trip cancellation may include, a refund of certain amounts, postponing the reservation for another day, and sometimes the hotel will understand your situation and will not charge you for absenteeism.

No Missing Reservations

Agency hotel booking is often linked to missing reservations. This gets customers stuck and disappointed. That is why you need to consider booking directly with your hotel facility. Once a booking has been made, no one can offer the same space to another customer until the end of your stay.

Special Amenities

Today, some hotels offer some amenities like internet connections to their loyal customers only. Hence, if you frequently visit a particular hotel, you can benefit from such services. Internet connection will allow you to continue with your pending work or access useful websites.

Transfer of Reservations

Due to one reason or another, you may find the need to transfer your reservation to another facility under the same chain of hotels. Transfer of bookings has been a suitable method by hotels to allow their customers to explore the different facility in their chain. This creates convenience both for the hotel and customers. For instance, a transferable reservation enables a hotel to utilise available spaces and maintaining customers. At the same time, on the other side customers get to experience different facilities as they also suit their requirements.

Payment Options

Dealing with hotel booking agencies can sometimes be the worst nightmare. At times you may get stuck in the process of making payments. This results in endless hassles, as nobody will understand this. However, with direct booking with your hotel, it is easy for them to solve such issues, especially if you are a frequent client. They may offer you alternative methods to pay for your bills. Besides, it is even much easier to make follow-ups when you have transactional evidence when you book directly with your hotel.

Bottom Line

The idea behind booking directly with hotels is much influenced by their convenience and flexibility. People want to access services with ease, and booking directly with hotels will allow you to enjoy such benefits.