Types of Accommodation in Whitby and Their Services

Whitby offers diverse options of accommodation to the visitors to this seaside town of Yorkshire, England. This is in a bid to cater to the needs of the visitors who come to the town for different reasons. From family holidays plans to official work retreats, Whitby has them all covered. In this section, read about the various accommodation options in Whitby.


The hotels in Whitby are ready to welcome you for a comfortable stay. The hotels have different ratings ranging from three-star to five stars, depending on your preference and budget. The hotel provides a welcome relief from the day’s activities with their excellent services. These include food and beverage, conference facilities, and health clubs for the weight watchers. To get the best of the Hotels in Whitby, making an early booking is recommended. Seaside rooms are usually in high demand, so unless the early booking is made, you will have to contend with less glamorous rooms. Noteworthy, Some services not listed can also be arranged in time for your visit. This includes taxi services for movement within Whitby.


For a family comprising of adults and children, apartments offer the best accommodation option. This is because of the higher degree of freedom and extra space, especially for the children. Apartments in Whitby provide a range of services such as laundry and shuttle services. The apartments are fully furnished and are the true definition of home away from home. For food, apartments encourage visitors to cook their meals. Most apartments will provide foodstuffs and groceries or have them stocked in the fridge. For visitors planning a prolonged stay in Whitby, apartments present a viable option.


Whitby has a range of lodges to cater to the customer segment who do not enjoy the rigid hotel environment or the apartments. These visitors can always take their holiday at the lodges by the seaside or the many others spread out across Whitby. Lodges offer services such as bed and breakfast, pub service and sports such as horse riding and archery. Guests can also take time to visit the national park at North York Moor.

Guest Houses

Guests houses provide a laid back plan for guests to Whitby. They are a bit like apartments but are not fully furnished. The guests are however assured of excellent services such as bed and breakfast, laundry service and great room service. Visitors can choose to retain their rooms for the duration of the stay or relinquish for a new or better room.


For guests who prefer to do pretty much by themselves can try camping services in Whitby. These guests are expected to bring with them sleeping gear, cutlery, and other essential items to make their stay comfortable. The host provides few basic services such as utilities and amenities.